Ricardo was crossing the United States on a motorbike

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Friday, December 9, 2022, at 12:20 p.m


Daniel Ricciardo plans to cross the United States on a motorbike in his spare time.

Daniel Ricciardo has yet to get a place at McLaren and we can finally see him as a reserve driver for Red Bull next season. Meanwhile, it has already been revealed that he will be personally present at only a third of the competitions.

In order to recharge and prepare for a potential comeback in 2024, he plans to spend more time alone, including a motorcycle tour as part of this.

“I try to find a balance between being a part of the sport and having time for myself. I just think about simple things here, like going to the gym and working out and other things like that,” the Australian told Speedcafé.

“I don’t want to attack F1, but the schedule is very tight, so we don’t have time for ourselves most of the time. For this reason, I would like to put myself first in the next period, and as part of this, I will go on a motorcycle tour to cross America! I know I’ll be glad to do it and find joy,” continued the Australian, who will be in Austin this year. He rode in the ring on horseback.

The time spent alone will help Ricciardo find answers to the questions he has been asking himself, and whether it is really a good idea for him to return to F1 after a year off.

“It remains to be seen if I would be better off coming back in 2024. If so, since then it’s all about the teams. I would like to receive an offer that would make me feel like an important link in the chain.”

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