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The rhythmic gymnasts’ competition season began in March: after the Golden Ribbon Cup in Kozarmicleny, the players of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Section of the Plié Sports and Recreation Association traveled to Novi Sad, Serbia, where they had a resounding success.

The club was represented by 12 competitors in the Novi Sad competition, six of whom were members of the Komlu group.

Besides the host nation, competitors came from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Latvia and Cyprus.

Our team won a total of 7 podium places, including the first two during the competition.

Lily Kolksar (2013) won a gold medal for freestyle, just like Dorka Zelassie (2008) The puck exercise. He was able to stand on the second step of the platform Zoe Jewery (2011) with an exercise ball, Maya Krezak (2011) with hoop exercise, as well Hojcska Laura (2013) and Pastor Adrian His free practice was also awarded with a silver medal, Sophie Varga (2012) and took third place in the International Hoop Competition.

Other results:

Zselyke Sebestyén (2016) 4th place

Édua Eckert (2015) 9th place

Lily Novak (2009) 4th place

Cintia Flódung (2008) 4th place

Rika Mok (2008) 5th place

The season continues, and the next stop is the international Pirueta Cup competition that will take place on the first weekend of April in Verőce, Croatia, where Plié SE can once again compete.

The competitors were prepared by Coach Hanna Fuchs, Coach Lottie Tokas, and Ceng Vorosvari, President and Coach of the Federation.

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