Reznykov announced: the preparations are over, the Ukrainian counterattack will soon explode

We will complete the training, during which our soldiers must master the handling of the weapons and military equipment they receive. We have very modern systems.”

said the leader. He stated that through the international initiative, Ukraine has already received Leopard 2 and Challenger tanks from Western countries, and is also waiting for Leopard 1 and Abrams tanks.

“I think the Abrams tanks will not participate in this counter-attack yet, but their soldiers have already left to participate in the exercises,” the minister said.

He explained that, in addition, the Ukrainian army has many different Western armored vehicles, among which the Bradley, Marder, Stryker and CV90 types from Sweden are mentioned. Summing it up, he stated that modern military equipment had been prepared for deployment, and some of it had already been delivered to Ukraine. mention it A large proportion of Ukrainian forces are ready to launch a counterattack.

Reznikov stated that the General Staff would decide the time and place of the counterattack. He also added that thanks to the high degree of trust from partners, Ukraine will also receive Patriot missile systems, HIMARS and MLRS aircraft. He assured that Ukraine receives all the equipment free of charge. In this regard, the largest supporter of the state is the United States, worth about $ 50 billion, and other countries support Ukraine with equipment worth another $ 30 billion.

In an interview with the RBK-Ukraine news portal the day before, the minister called the expectations of the Ukrainian population, politicians and the West about the Ukrainian counter-offensive against Russian forces “a bit excessive”. But he added that this is normal after the successes the Ukrainian forces have achieved on the battlefield so far.

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Cover photo: Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

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