Is Reverse Racism Real?

Lol, No


If you have been in any Twitter threads, under any Instagram or Facebook posts, then I’m sure you’ve heard of the term, ‘Reverse Racism.’ The term actually made me laugh upon initially reading it.

The term originates from white people feeling a sense of oppression from another race. Wikipedia says it is the denial of rights and privileges to members of dominant groups in order to benefit racial and ethnic minorities.

So an example would be, if there is a Black Entertainment Television, there should also be a White Entertainment Television. In other words, if blacks don’t include white people, then they are reversing racism onto them.

In order to be racist, you have to have a belief that your race is superior. Throughout history, black people and other minorities have been inferior. Not to bring up the obvious, but there hasn’t been a White History Month because all history is white history, or at least that’s how it was taught. There isn’t a White Entertainment Television because I can’t turn my TV on and miss a white actor. Black people spent hundreds of years without an identity because they were enslaved. We also are still being massacred, as in 2014 more than 100 unarmed black people were killed by police. Until you have experienced discrimination, segregation, and countless deaths on that level, I’m not sure one can go around claiming oppression and reverse racism. The platforms such as Black Lives Matter and Black Girl Magic were created upon the history and continuous failure of black lives mattering or black girls having the resources to be self-confident.

Now when African-Americans don’t get picked for jobs they are overqualified for, or when they are shot multiple times for following directions, there seems to be little noise being made. However, don’t let them create a culture that was stolen from them, or start up their own businesses, hire their own people, THEN and only then are they discriminating against white people. THEN “It’s okay to be white” and “White lives Matter”…in reality they are only trying to sing the same song, trying to be on an even playing field, trying to matter….

This is why reverse racism is a joke.

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