Reveil - Not recommended for phobic sufferers

Reveil – Not recommended for phobic sufferers


The hero of the horror adventure game is Walter Thompson, who is searching for his daughter and wife in a surreal circus.

25/5/2020 20:34 | Gerge | Category: game

Indie presented with a dirty warm preview pixel New horror adventure game studio, Revel. The developers described the game as a surreal adventure where the line between reality and illusion is blurred.

The protagonist of the story will be Walter Thompson, who once worked as a ceramic builder for the Nelson Pro Circus. But this circus is surely not the circus where one is happy to take one’s children to admire clowns and artists. As it comes from the first preview, this is a surreal place where Walter’s daughter and wife have disappeared. He doesn’t remember anything and the answers to his questions are hidden in his previous job.

The backbone of this game is mostly provided by puzzles and puzzles, as it will be more of a walking simulation than an action-packed survivor. But I don’t know more than that yet. It is unlikely that the premiere will take place before 2023, as development is currently limited to PCs. ■

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