Return to Russia Alexei Navalny - 444

Return to Russia Alexei Navalny – 444

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Alexei Navalny announced, in a video message posted on his Instagram page, that he will leave Germany on Sunday 17 January and return to his homeland Russia by plane. CNN.

The opposition leader has been in Germany since late September, when he was transferred to the Charité Clinic in Berlin after falling victim to a toxic assassination attempt in Russia. Traces of a preparation called Novicsok were found in his body, which the KGB used positively, and it was almost certain that he did not die of the poisoning.

However, Navalny now says

“The question for me was not to go back to Russia. I didn’t really leave. They were taken to Germany in the intensive care unit.”

However, it is easy to imagine that Navalny would be detained by Russian authorities after his return. Russia’s Federal Prison Service has asked the court to reduce its suspended prison sentence to a prison sentence in the multi-year criminal case against Navalny on Monday.

The change in the method of punishment by the authority began because, according to her, by traveling to Germany, Navalny violated the rules for serving a suspended prison sentence.

In addition, at the end of 2020, another criminal case was filed against Navalny on suspicion of involvement in fraud, which, like previous actions, the opposition leader considers as “fabricated” political cases.

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