Restaurant owners in the United States suffer from a shortage of workers

After 2020, most US restaurant owners will face incalculable difficulties in maintaining their business. Labor shortages, the difficulties caused by the epidemic, and the ever-increasing food and fuel costs are forcing operators to devise a strategy to overcome the current difficult period. That’s what the world-famous fast-food chain, McDonald’s, did when he came up with the idea of ​​trying to combat a nationwide labor shortage with job vacancies advertised for events.

The National Restaurant Association expects restaurant and food sales to jump nearly 20 percent this year to $789 billion, from $659 billion in the United States last year. However, these stats still lag far behind pre-pandemic sales of $864 billion – I showed From a CNBC article.

In the first few months of the health crisis, restaurant owners faced a lot of hardships, as during this period many tried to stay at home and avoid crowds. Subsequently, increased consumer demand, the advent of vaccines, and incentive wages were able to significantly reduce the losses of canteens.

However, the biggest challenge facing restaurant owners today is the labor shortage. In addition, ever-increasing food and fuel costs limit business profits.

clarificationSource: AFP / PhotoAlto / Eric Audras

75 percent of operators consider hiring and retaining employees to be the biggest challenge for business today. There hasn’t been an example of this in the US 20 years ago. More than half a year ago, only 8% of those surveyed thought so.

In addition, the spread of the Delta virus mutation makes it more difficult for restaurant owners, as the latest version can again reduce the number of guests and employees available in the country. According to a National Restaurant Association survey of 1,000 adults, six out of ten said they had completely changed their restaurant habits due to a different delta. Among the respondents, one in five respondents prefers outdoor dining, with 37% ordering home delivery and 19% forgoing entirely to visit restaurants.

The insider is about it mentioned In one article, many McDonald’s fast food restaurants are trying to combat labor shortages by advertising job vacancies to students aged 14-15. Labor law for minors varies from state to state, and the Department of Labor itself has set the age of 14 as the minimum age for non-agricultural jobs. Thus, those over the age of 14 can actually work in restaurants for the number of hours required by law. According to an expert interviewed by Insider, hiring younger workers can be a smart strategy to get through an especially tough period.

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