Researchers will kill tumors using ultrasound-guided bacteria

Researchers will kill tumors using ultrasound-guided bacteria

With another innovation in medicine, Caltech researchers have introduced a completely new method: they will kill cancer cells with bacteria, specifically by modifying the structure of the bacteria with ultrasound.

Led by biochemist Michael Shapiro, the US research team will take advantage of the already well-established reputation of the genetic link between them and cancer cells to modify Escherichia coli to treat patients with often fatal diagnoses.

that’s it procedures It removes tumors from anywhere in the body as follows: the modified bacteria, in response to ultrasound, must show temperature fluctuations, and when they reach about 43 ° C, the resulting pair of genes will form a molecule capable of treating cancer. The spread of pests.

Mohamed Obeidi, co-chair of the project, believes that the targeted method of tumor destruction is promising and can offer a pioneering and effective solution for patients. However, it has not yet been announced when the technology will be widely used outside of research laboratories.

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