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Researchers at Harvard University have discovered that aliens may be living among us

Researchers at Harvard University have discovered that aliens may be living among us

Researchers from Harvard University and Montana Tech University have come up with a bold hypothesis: A technologically advanced population may be secretly living among humans here on Earth. In search of answers to questions raised regarding UFO (or more recently UAP) sightings, the research group hypothesizes that

These sightings may indicate activity of intelligent beings.

According to the study authors These intelligent beings can hide either underground or on the moon, but it is also possible to walk among us disguised as humans. While they acknowledge that many scientists will question this proposal, they ask the scientific community to examine their claims with an open mind and humility.

The researchers explained this as well That there are remnants of an ancient, highly advanced human civilization among us is conceivable. These “residual forms” may have evolved and hidden for thousands of years.

According to another interesting proposal, it is possible that an underground non-human civilization lives on our planet. These intelligent creatures may be descendants of unknown dinosaurs. Researchers also mention hidden inhabitants who are compared to fairies or angels – perhaps they came here from other planets.

The debate over unidentified flying objects, or UAPs, has gained new momentum in the United States in recent years: the Pentagon has issued several reports on the subject in recent years, partly due to pressure from Congress.

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