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Republika Srpska severed relations with the American and British embassies

Republika Srpska severed relations with the American and British embassies

The Republika Srpska government (one of the two alleged entities that make up Bosnia and Herzegovina) has announced that it has cut all ties with the UK and US embassies in Bosnia after the US decided to extradite a senior Bosnian Serb official, Dragan Stankovic.. adding him to the list of sanctioned persons.

“Republika Srpska is forced to end cooperation with the diplomats of the two embassies” – announced the government of the entity, accusing the two countries of “interfering in the internal affairs of Bosnia.”

This was announced by Milorad Dodik, president of Republika Srpska, which has a population of 1.2 million, and leader of the ruling Federation of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) in the plenary assembly of the regional parliament, after Washington appointed the director of the Geodetic and Property Department of Republika Srpska (RUGIPP) to the sanctions list.

All this happened after the General Assembly adopted the much-criticised draft amendment to the Penal Code, which classifies defamation as a crime punishable by a penalty of up to 50,000 euros.

The US embassy in Bosnia described Dodik’s recent decision as “another step on the dangerous path he has chosen, which is the path of isolation and tyranny.”

Speaking to a local newspaper, Milorad Dodik also spoke about the meeting of the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Tuesday.

“I’m glad to meet Peter Cigarto again. He’s such a nice and well-meaning person to talk to other than arrogant Americans.” – He said.

In addition to Dodik, Szijjártó has also criticized Washington this week. The Hungarian foreign minister was outraged by the United States’ human rights report on Hungary, which indicated serious problems. Among them, they mentioned, for example, corruption at the state level, the privileged position of some business groups, and the weakening of press freedom.

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Peter Szijjarto had already asked himself whether such a report could ever be prepared, before the American ambassador compared the language of Hungarian foreign affairs to that of the Russians.

Dodik also told the newspaper that they are at the beginning of creating a solidarity community based on the energy needs of Hungary, Serbia and Republika Srpska. “We heard about this idea from Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and we want to participate in the project,” he said.

Dodik and Cigarto will participate in the Energy Summit in Trebinje, which is called “Energy Stability and Independence in the Region”.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is made up of three peoples, Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs. Bosniaks and Croats would be happy to join the EU and NATO, and a military alliance would be welcomed by 69 percent of Bosniaks and 77 percent of Croats, but only 8 percent of Serbs. Instead, they reject the Western orientation and will fundamentally destabilize the current functioning of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Milorad Dodik’s sentiment of friendship is evident in his recent tribute to Russian President Vladimir Putin amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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