Republicans won the House, according to the leader of the representative group

Although the results have not yet been announced in many competitions, in fact There will also be a second round of Senate elections in GeorgiaBut according to Kevin McCarthy, who heads the Republican faction in the House, his party has won enough seats in the House to declare that they will be in the majority.


McCarthy, who currently still leads the minority group in the House, announced at 2 a.m. local time that they had secured enough mandates for a majority in the House.

It is clear that we will bring back the House of Representatives

The Republican politician said. At the Republican election celebration in Washington, McCarthy justified the win with a diversity of Republican candidates. The party is opening its doors wider, he said, and that there is a place in the Republican Party for everyone who believes in freedom, hard work and the American dream.

During his victory speech, he promised to tackle people’s daily problems, support the police, protect children and hold the government to account, and indicated that Nancy Pelosi’s party would be in the minority in the morning. By this, he was referring to the Democratic speaker representing the current majority.

However, during the night, Nancy Pelosi refused to admit defeat, saying that the Democratic candidates had performed better than expected. FoxNews experts estimate the state of the race is 172 Democratic seats and 200 safe Republican seats, and a CNN expert in the morning predicted 178 Democratic seats and 199 Republican seats. In the 435-member House of Representatives, 218 deputies are needed to obtain a clear majority.

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