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Renee Tolfay shows her breasts in a transparent photo

Renee Tolfay shows her breasts in a transparent photo

Renee Tolfay put on a show of Simone Amanda's diploma theses and showed off the sexy photos on her Instagram page. In recent days, the singer has shared a total of six photos of herself, and perhaps the boldest is the one in which she can be seen wearing a see-through top without a bra. look at him!

One of Reni Tolvai's recent Instagram posts:

Renee Tolvay impressed her fans with several other photos, and the comments came with similar texts: “You are beautiful!”, “You are beautiful” or “I'm not lying when I say that if you were waiting like this at home.” I'll be ready just by your looks.” Check out some more photos from the series!

Photo: Instagram/Rennie Tolvay
Rene Tolvay
Photo: Instagram/Tolvai Reni / Instagram/Reni Tolvai
Rene Tolvay
Photo: Instagram/Tolvai Reni / Instagram/Reni Tolvai

He struggled a lot with his excess weight

Renee Tolfay recently thrilled men dressed as a cowgirl in a nightclub, but in the fifth series of the megastar, the audience recognized her with a few extra kilos. According to him, he was always very bothered by his excess weight, which is why he fought for many years for his dreams and for the scale to appear smaller. The singer has lost a total of 20 kilograms of weight in recent years, and is very satisfied with the result.

Such a significant weight loss does not go unnoticed: although she was able to make every part of her body tight with the right training method, she was not satisfied with her arms, which is why she recently turned to a plastic surgeon again after her breast implants. surgery.

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“The operation was performed under anesthesia. Liposuction was done with one arm of the device, and the skin was immediately reduced back to the muscle with the other hand. I wore a compression shirt for a month, and instead of pain I felt stronger. He said earlier of his recent surgery: “I was afraid My hands were full of cut marks, but with this surgery, it was done without cutting with a machine and without a scar.”

Try to accept yourself

According to Rene Tolvay, he is now done with the struggle and realizes that he did not handle the question well. In fact, he weighs more now than he did a few years ago, yet he feels much better in his skin, because he's realized that it's not the kilos that matter.

“Ladies! How I fought for the scale to appear as little as possible… until I realized that body composition matters. Because even though you can be lighter on the scale, visually you are fatter, and you can be much slimmer.” Scale, but visually a little more mathematical, I just wanted to share this picture with you so you don't get upset by a number like I did, it doesn't matter at all,” he wrote as a motivational example to his followers who are also overweight. He even showed before and after pictures of himself to illustrate what He will say it.

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