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Remy Wolfe: “I introduce myself to people on a tray”

Remy Wolfe: “I introduce myself to people on a tray” your career on the horizonIt has already started under me. any kind of Feeland vVerseGreek He livesin Zenlive for people?

Remy Wolfe: Fortunately, I’ve been through a few concerts now. The entire pandemic seems very far away, especially considering I’m always surrounded by thousands of people these days. I really enjoy this whole thing. I love to travel, although sometimes it can be very tiring, it is always fun and exciting to be able to go to so many new places. I am glad that so much work made all of this possible for me. Your first song was released in 2019, right?He destroys . yearsYou are already playing in the biggest stages. Isn’t that a little too fast?

RW: It’s definitely crazy. From the outside, it must look more scary than it seems to me, because I live in it. In the end, I live my own life. Although when I think about it, it’s not really easy to handle in place. However, I feel like everything is fine the way it is, since I’ve been in music for a very long time. Before your music career, you were a professional skater I was likeet sthe lambyn is also rnoteLive these typical drastic changes In your life? Do you know?Let’s say it’s ten generalBut dedicate it to something else your life?

RW: I don’t know. I usually go with the flow. By the way, of course, if playing music becomes too stressful or takes too much of me, I can imagine I’ll want to do something else for a while. Anyway, I really enjoy doing this, so far I don’t see anything like this happening anytime soon. I like to play music and I like to be on stage.

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RW: I usually let things happen. When I write a song, I often feed on improvisation. But in the meantime, I’m taking creationism in an extreme way. I always strive to get the best sound possible and complete it, but I also want to realize that it is good to play songs directly. That was pretty much my goal for the album. I have ideas all the time, and there is no shortage of them. with those Do you start working alone with ideas?

RW: Most of the time on your own, but Juno In the case of this, we have already begun to develop the first ideas with Solomonophonic. We have known each other for ten years and have worked together a lot during this time. We are constantly bombarding each other with ideas; We’ve done just about everything together on the record.

Remy wolf on the island

Photo: Gábor Sióréti How do you know that a song or project is selling?Are you sane? k can be absolutely anyLet’s call it common senseWhat else

RW: After a while, you get to a point where you mess around with the smallest of details and you start to feel like there’s no point in all of it. I always know when the song is ready. However, mixing prevention and post-production is a more challenging task. A lot can happen at this time, and a lot depends on this part of the job. I admit, I like this less. Probably Juno Case, I got a little involved in that part of it. Now I’m trying to get away from it and let the pros do their thing.

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RW: I think I’m honest with my fan base. Of course, no one would be able to fully recognize me even if they stopped by me on weekdays, but my art is what I really am. It’s up to people how they interpret it, and how they interpret me through my art. I can’t control that. I introduce myself to people on a tray through my music. This is how I express myself. I feel that if someone knows my music and can relate to songs, they somewhat know me. TikTok And thatRothe totalThey are in the era of heavenly pages mHeaven do you think it’s classic understanduntouchable idols, or fanyes and performanceók relationship is much better today more complicatedEh, maybe kmore directVerse see alsoLiter?

RW: That’s interesting. It’s great that as a performer I can create a very direct connection with my fans. Of course, this can be a lot at times, as there are people who take advantage of such immediacy. People can be very cruel on the Internet. It’s a double-edged sword. It’s good to connect with the public, especially now that the boundaries between genres are becoming more and more blurred, and people can relate to things more specific and more closely.

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RW: Both actually. I’m already working on a lot of new ideas. The intensive tour will continue for the next two and a half months, then after a two-month break, we head to Australia, which will end the world tour. It feels good that it will end, even if I really enjoy it.

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