Remember Mátyásné Rácz Szabó - Komlói Újság Online

Remember Mátyásné Rácz Szabó – Komlói Újság Online

The former principal of Miklós Steinmetz Vocational High School and College, Mátyás Szabó Rácz, has passed away.

We were shocked to learn that Mrs. Matthias Szabo Rush, the former director of Auntie Etty School (former Miklos Steinmetz Vocational School and College), had passed away on March 20, 2021. Aunt Etty was the college principal from 1966-1980, then until 1988 she was running the foundation as a school principal. . He was always patient, calm, and nurturing, who loved children and respected his mates. From him we received the support, understanding, attention and professionalism that combined with humility. As a leader, mentor, and colleague alike, he is a role model in the noblest meanings of the word. On the school’s fiftieth anniversary in 2016, he said:

“There are important places for a person, city, square, or even a home. This exceptional place for me is the school, the college, the outdoor theater. From 1966 to 1988, I spent the most beautiful part of my professional life inside the walls of the building. As a college director, I lived here too. My son grew up here. I have a thousand articles in my life for all of this. ” (…) “… I did nothing out of the ordinary. I started a dormitory, I went to another construction site, I moved to a well-established school, I worked, I appreciate my staff. It was something I believe in – that’s it.”

He cited the following verse as his doctrine of faith:

“I know walking and soul here

And the common language of thieves

What each small group invent for themselves.

No big words needed

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Cut with this and that;

Everyone around me knows me well,

They know my weaknesses and objections.

This is the most we can achieve,

Who may descend the sky:

No admiration, no victory

Only that they are simply accepted

As part of reality that cannot be denied,

Like stones or trees. “

Jorge Luis Borges: Simplicity

He looks at us from the panels on the school wall, and he never leaves us. He will always be the third principal in the life of a professional high school, now called a technical school.

We love to remember!

Current and former teachers of the Komló Technical School, Vocational School and Baranya SZC County College

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