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The Free Game Developers Conference will be held at the end of February.

02/01/2023 11:03 | dino | Category: game news

After a two-year forced hiatus, he returned on February 24 Budapest Game Dave’s Day, which is being hosted by the BME Q building this year. Registration for the all-day Game Developers Conference is now open – if you’re interested, Click quicklyBecause 1,500 tickets are available.

And if you need a little help making the decision, from the presentations for the 2020 event You can take a look at some of them hereAnd you can read our report below.

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This is what the Budapest Game Dev Day 2020 event was all about

This is what the Budapest Game Dev Day 2020 event was all about
Almost a thousand people attended the game development conference.
” Read!

So far, the following companies have confirmed their participation in Budapest Game Dev Day 2023:

  • alder games
  • Etherfield Studio
  • Gameloft
  • hook
  • Invictus Games
  • Kite games
  • Szilárd Matusik (Moles documentary series)
  • nemesis games
  • NeocoreGames
  • wild gentlemen

The list is constantly expanding, more information on this in On the conference page on Facebook You can find ■

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