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Reggeli's live broadcast failed: The broadcaster couldn't understand the word he said

Reggeli's live broadcast failed: The broadcaster couldn't understand the word he said

It was a little uncomfortable.

As we say, the beauty of live broadcasting is that there is no time to edit, correct or embellish, so if the presenter or guests get into a bad situation, it is up to the attendees to make the best of the awkward situation. .

Gergo door

today is RTL breakfast The presenters were not in an easy situation when their colleague, Peter Tihany Connected directly from Obertauern. Gergo door He previously stated that he hoped Beatty would be refreshed and sober during the conversation. In the end, neither he nor the viewers were able to get an answer to this question, as the reception was so poor that only a few seconds of gap from the presenter could be seen. Finally, he sits on the guest chair Zotor Zoli She began to tell the story of Obertauern's fame with the Beatles. The 1965 Richard Lester film was filmed here Helps! One of the scenes of his movie, whose heroes were the Beatles. There is a large statue of The Beatles and a piano displayed on the side of the mountain.

At that time, Petit Tihany managed to get on the phone again, almost repeating Zuli's words about the city, and when Petra Gal asked him how he rested after skiing, the line was simply cut off.

Fortunately, they did not force the awkward situation any further, and Gergo merely said:

Betty, you obviously can't hear me, but look at this little conversation on the RTL website.

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