Referee moves to new platforms

Referee moves to new platforms


The Yakuza series side has only been available yet for PS4, but in the spring it will also pay tribute to the new console generation and Stadia.

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The Yakuza series may not be as popular in Europe as it is in Japan, but its fan base in this part of the world is also gradually growing. One of the branches of the franchise, which is Rule He came back to us in 2019 for a PlayStation 4. Exclusive, Animusman recounted his experiences.

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The developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios The other day, I announced that the game will be honored on new platforms this year as well: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Stadia releases will also come! Of course, the new version will really benefit from the power of the new controllers, thanks to which it will run at 60 fps even at 4K resolution, the graphics will be nicer and the charging times will be shorter. As for the content, all DLCs released to date will be part of the package.

The premiere will take place on April 23 for all three platforms, with the game makers also putting together a new preview of the game. ■

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