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Redmi K60 Ultra will look like this

Redmi K60 Ultra will look like this

Xiaomi is said to have a device called Redmi K60 Ultra up its sleeve, which may appear in global markets sometime as Xiaomi 13T Pro. Thank you Digital chat stationthe research work of the prestigious Asian leak, an infographic that can help us remember the expected design of the smartphone has appeared in front of our minds.

Obviously, such a drawing is not as great as a high-end CAD rendering, but if we look at it, we can get a faint idea about the design of the Redmi K60 Ultra and 13T Pro. As you can see, the mobile phone will come with thin bezels around the screen, in addition to a hole aligned in the middle, below the top bezel, where the front camera will be clearly placed.

At the back, we can pay attention to the square camera island, which houses two larger image recording units, and a smaller third on its right side, below the LED flash. A 2MP macro is probably completely useless or something. At the moment, we have no idea what capabilities the other two sensors could have.

Although we do not yet know what cameras will be on the back of the Redmi K60 Ultra, this does not mean that we are completely lacking in preliminary information. Back in March, all kinds of rumors about the smartphone started circulating.

They claimed a MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset could be inside, and the chipset performs the computing tasks assigned to it behind a 6.7-inch, 144Hz OLED screen. The battery capacity has not been announced, but it has been said that the battery can work with 100W fast charging. the “when it first appeared“and the”How much will it costGreat questions that we can’t answer at the moment, but we doubt we’ll be hearing about the Redmi K60 Ultra again soon.

source: GSMArena

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