Red Bull Belfaker - Armand Kautzky and Diaz Podcast

Red Bull Belfaker – Armand Kautzky and Diaz Podcast

if it was Red Bull Belficker It will only be an audio book Armand KautzkyWe’ll accept him as narrator, and when it comes to making music, just DiazWe will work together. Both represent the beginning and end of the business, and are the most important pillars of the entire Red Bull Cloud.

The penultimate part has arrived! Red Bull Cloud Podcast Series starring Armand Kautzky and Csöndör László ‘Diaz’.

Diaz – Red Bull Cloud Podcast

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Many backstage shows have been revealed, but there are still stories one must hear. The current section shows, for example, what Armand thinks is Belfaker’s biggest confirmation, or what just happened in the ring just before he took to the stage, but it also reveals where Belficker’s first songs were recorded, and how excited Diaz was before. He took the podium, or exactly what Armand Kautki had said when he first met members of the Belficker family.

In this show, backstage and stage meet, songs and poems come together and prove why Red Bull Belficker is a great thing.

Armand Kautzky, Diaz – Red Bull Cloud Podcast

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Here’s the next episode, starring Armand Kautsky and Diaz!

If you’d rather just listen, check out the show on Spotify!

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