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Recurring female characters must be portrayed properly

Recurring female characters must be portrayed properly

It is almost certain that Capcom is working on the next new part of Resident Evil (which is why the new generation RE Engine, RE neXt, i.e. REX, is used by the Japanese company), so it is worth thinking about one aspect of it.

The series loves bringing back old, beloved characters, but a closer look reveals something. The appearance of male characters (such as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Village) shows that they are aging, meaning that they have not gotten younger in the period between games. However, you don't see this with female characters, although Capcom explains this as a character infection effect. The Japanese company should completely break this tradition.

Therefore, the age difference between male and female characters will become more noticeable, and in Resident Evil 9 this will just be a weak excuse. That's why it would be a good idea for players to have a recurring female character, and one who doesn't look like she's in her twenties. A good example of this is Rose Winters, who survived the events of Resident Evil: Village (yes, her father sacrificed himself for it), and we saw her abilities in the Shadows of Rose DLC. However, she is also infected with mold, which causes affected characters to age rapidly (Evelyn demonstrated this in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard).

But the older heroines are more likely to appear first, so you could even put money on the appearance of Jill Valentine (who was also infected in Resident Evil 5, so she fought under Albert Wesker…) or Claire Redfield. But you shouldn't follow the lead of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots either (we also saw very rapid aging there). The easiest would be for the character to age naturally. There won't be any criticism against that (except for those who sexualize the characters in question…).

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Capcom doesn't have a difficult task, but it's up to them to make this change happen.

source: GameRant

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