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Recording: The veil fell, then struck one of Russia's most devastating weapons

Recording: The veil fell, then struck one of Russia's most devastating weapons

The footage shows the TOSz-2 “Toszocska” (heavy flamethrower in Russian terminology) rocket launcher system, which is

Prepared by Russian soldiers in a camouflaged forest area.

The ToSz-2 then maneuvers down a dirt road next to a field and fires a missile, followed by footage from a drone showing an explosion on the ground.

The video then shows more missiles being fired and more explosions.

As we wrote about previously, the TOSz-2 is a very modern artillery system, first introduced in 2020, and is the successor to the TOSz-1 and TOSz-1A “heavy flamethrowers”. A 220mm rocket-propelled grenade delivery system, called a flamethrower by the Russians because it uses a thermobaric warhead. In principle, it has a more accurate and longer range than TOSz-1, the important difference is that it operates not on the T-72 chassis, but on the Ural truck.

On Tuesday, May 28, the Russian Ministry of Defense attached a statement to the recordings that said:

The crew of the heavy flamethrower system TOSz-2 “Toszotska” of the chemical defense unit of the Northern Operational District destroyed fortifications and personnel of the Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

They added: The fortifications used for long-term purposes were protected by armored vehicles belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and Russian attacks destroyed various excavated and non-excavated sites. Targets are measured by the group's drone operators in real time.

Cover image and video source: Viral Press via Reuters

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