Recognized by Insiders: America Provides Unprecedented Intelligence Assistance to Ukraine

Recognized by Insiders: America Provides Unprecedented Intelligence Assistance to Ukraine

Inside sources told the news agency that in the initial phase of the invasion of Ukraine, the destruction of many Ukrainian air defense assets was avoided because US intelligence provided information to the Ukrainian military command predicting exactly where Russian forces plan to strike. Thus, the Ukrainian army was able to withdraw air defense equipment from the affected areas in time.

There is also talk that the Ukrainian army is still moving its air defense equipment to this day, largely because the Russian military has not been able to control Ukrainian airspace in two months.

Russian forces are literally bombing the empty fields where only air defense equipment was available before. This has a significant impact on the ground capabilities of the Russian forces, one active official said.

According to the sources, US intelligence also helped the Ukrainian air defense in detecting air targets. Thanks, among other things, in the early stages of the invasion, the Ukrainians managed to shoot down a plane carrying paratroopers, which greatly contributed to repelling an attack on the “airport around Kyiv” (presumably Hostomil).

One source specifically mentions that there is “tremendous and unprecedented” intelligence cooperation between non-NATO Ukraine and the United States that is contributing to Ukraine’s military success against a much larger, well-equipped military force.

It had a great impact on both the tactical and strategic levels [a hírszerzési együttműködésnek]. “There are instances where this turns out to be a huge result,” said one active official.

NBC also wrote that they also had additional and sensitive information about intelligence cooperation, but they did not disclose it because the information would help the Russians.

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The cover image is an illustration, not an actual US soldier/intelligence service, but an image model. By definition, no real US intelligence photos were taken. Photo: Getty Images

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