Rebecca of the Carpathians: I start a new relationship only when I find the perfect man

Rebecca of the Carpathians: I start a new relationship only when I find the perfect man

Host Rebeka Kárpáti is also one of those who boldly ask for help, she recently started a family, Which he was happy to tell on Pepper Weekend.

– It’s basically a subconscious technique to release mass. There are singular and plural forms, I go to the latter. With the help of a family coping therapist, during the session we solve the blocks, family patterns and traps that are currently occupying the person or have an impact on their daily life. This is preceded by a one-on-one consultation where the therapist will lead you to what is worth treating Rebecca who was interested started this way He was very skeptical at first, Because in one sitting, the foreign participants had to impersonate their family members.

“I think I’m a basic girl when I see her, but there were some pretty amazing sentences in the class that surfaced. It’s not like what one would read in a general horoscope, but it’s quite specific and fact-based stuff that I wouldn’t even tell the family man!” He betrayed, and also experienced what he was like when he helped others.

You stand in a circle and feel things that might be very strange on the first hearing, but it really works and can help a lot.

Rebecca admitted that this method helped her in many areas.

“I have been through a lot of events in the past that I have had to internalize, and they have helped me a lot in my work and my private life, but also in the little things. For example, not stressing out when I am late because I have had serious compliance restrictions. Now, not only me, but also those around me, see positive changes he added.

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He also realized that there was some kind of recurring pattern that had been a problem in his past relationships over time.

“I’m not making a wrong choice in the sense that someone always cheats or financially abuses, thank God there was no example of that.” I realize that I always find myself giving myself everything I’m with and that will use up my energies after a while. I swore I wouldn’t “carry money” to anyone. I’m not talking about helping each other, but when it’s clearly one-sided Rebecca explained.

He also made a vow to protect himself from future disappointments.

“I’m going to be very strict about this now, though until now I only started a relationship when I felt it could be a hoe, hoe, big bell, but Now I’m going to start a relationship with someone I feel I’m getting better with. He who builds and does not collapse, and with whom I feel strong, can shine and not take away my energy, but raise each other up together. Until I find this person, I won’t stop with anyone! The beautiful introduction admitted with a laugh.

This is how the Hellinger family setup works

The method is based on the so-called morphogenetic domain. It is an energetic medium in which every event and thought you come across leaves an imprint. This information travels back and forth without the constraints of space and time. No one has yet been able to explain its mechanisms, but experience has proven successful.

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