Real World: Ballint withdrew from dueling

Real World: Ballint withdrew from dueling

There were only four left to compete for 36 million.

Choose on Monday Do He earned two marks (the first two of his life in the villa), thus becoming Specified. Soon after, he gets into a conflict with Pallent (his thorn is a coward He called Him), so it came as no surprise that he had invited him to a duel on Wednesday. On Thursday, they finally measured their strength, at the beginning of the roundup Puskas Betty He also showed a job, which turned out to be an amazingly difficult task: the percentage of players was 50.9 and 49.1 percent. The advertising break before the duel changed to 50.2 and 49.8 after that, that is, it got tighter.

Meanwhile, Peti Puskás (wearing pajamas for the occasion) shouted that a record number of votes were received and when they ran the villa to connect the percentages along with the mock pics, the job was 50.01 and 49.99 percent.

RTL Hungary Puskas in my home pajamas.

Puskas offered the job again a few minutes before nine in the evening, the result was reversed and it turned out that more than 200,000 people had already voted. Both dueling and replays were mostly about eight million ruby ​​turns, so there wasn’t much of a big word fight.

In the end, Ruby won the majority of the vote (230K total), 50.11 percent, so he could return to the villa.

Before the final on Saturday, the events will appear slightly: after the duel there will be another selection, then the challenge, the final on Friday, and on Saturday it will be decided who will receive the main prize of 36 million HUF.

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