The Welsh palace was so overrun by the new British monarch that the building fell out of use.

Third. While still heir to the throne, the estate near Llandovery in Wales and the palace on it were acquired by King Charles for £1.2 million in 2007. Llwynywermodon me. He bought the property on behalf of the Duchy of Cornwall.

As heir to the throne and Prince of Wales, this plot was Carole’s base, and he usually organized his visits to the country from here. Having become ruler of Great Britain, his son, Prince William, became the first heir to the throne, and at the same time William also received the title of Prince of Wales, so now the use of the property will be his resort. At the same time, Prince Filmos would not use the Third Palace. Caroli cannot move his residence to Wales because of his duties as governor, and it is known that if he travels to Wales, he will stay in hotels, thus contributing to the maintenance of the local economy. In this way, the ruler will abolish property, writes A in reference to Telegprah Sky News.

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The manor house and outbuildings, set in 192 hectares, were built by Welsh craftsmen using local materials and the local techniques of the time. Caroli planted creeping plants, such as Albertine roses, as well as jasmine and honeysuckle, so that they ran up the building’s walls. The park is also enriched with maple trees, which formed a row of trees at Vilmos and Katalin’s wedding in 2011.

The Telegraph knows that III. King Charles is looking to add jobs to many of his properties to make the buildings more sustainable, so it is possible that some valuable royal residences could be opened to the public in the future.


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