The 721-meter Sky Bridge was built from 200 million crowns in the Kralicei Mountains, exceeding the record for a distance of two hundred meters. There can be 500 pieces at a time, but they can only go in one direction.

The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge was delivered Friday to the mountain resort of Dolní Morava in the Czech Republic. The Sky Bridge 721, according to its name, is 721 meters long and 1,100 meters above sea level, connecting two hills in the Kralicky Snezník Mountains in northeastern Bohemia, near the Polish border, over a valley with a depth of 95 meters.

They would be able to stay on the bridge at five hundred at a time, but only half of the people allowed to use it in the first two weeks would be allowed. For safety reasons, the bridge will be closed when winds reach 135 kilometers per hour.


The 1.2-meter-wide pedestrian bridge is only accessible in one direction, and an elevator takes you to the starting station, for which you have to pre-register online.

The suspension bridge was built from 200 million crowns (3.1 billion forints) in two years. The Czech Tourism Board is confident that the new attraction will attract tourists from all over the world, which will help boost Czech tourism after the recession caused by the pandemic.

However, opponents of the investment say that the bridge will change the character of the wooded countryside, will be very dominant in view and will attract many tourists to the resort of Dolní Morava, whose population does not exceed 500.

The 516-meter suspension bridge in Arauca, Portugal, has set the record for the length so far.

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It is the longest suspension bridge in the world and connects Europe with Asia


The length of the new bridge, which is located in Turkey and has already been delivered, is 4.6 kilometers. Construction started in 2017.

The world's longest suspension bridge has been delivered in Portugal

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Based on the photos, the bridge is not recommended for those in space.