Ready To Try Your First “Self Cleanse”

For me a Self Cleanse or Spiritual Cleanse is like pressing a reset button on your life, we are sponges that soak up all the negative and positive vibes that are in the universe, which can lead us to become overwhelmed by certain situations in our lives. It is important that we take the time to recharge, if not we’ll begin to lose ourselves to the chaos surrounding us.

During this process, you should be able to find peace, stability, happiness, and love within yourself. Figure out what you stand for and why, who you are as a person, what makes you happy and become aware of yourself. Remember that you are the most important thing in your universe and you should never have to compromise your well-being for another’s.

You should be able to get in touch with your emotions and feel things on a level deeper than before. Try your hardest not to get back into old habits but know that with patience and consistency your life will change for the better. Practice these tips daily and you’ll start to feel a shift in your Energy, you’ll walk, talk, think, listen, breathe and live differently after this, embrace it. I wish you nothing but prosperity through your journey if you need someone feel free to contact me.

• Little to no interaction with social media.
• Create a space of peace (a place you go to, to recharge)
• Get into yoga, art, whatever interest you.
• Dedicated 30 mins to an hour to yourself each day.
• Meditate or Pray.
• Track this journey, write down your thoughts and feeling each day.
• Expand your mind and vocabulary.
• Watch less TV.
• If you need to, cry. Crying cleanse the soul
• Can’t figure out how you’re feeling, speak to someone.
• Do something you believe in.
• Have a talent you often suppress? Act on it.
• Love yourself.
• Figure out your needs, write them down.
• Get rid of negative energy and people.
• Change your mindset change your life
• Be open
• Foster meaningful relationship.
• Write down your goals. Do something pertaining to them every day.
• Invest in your health.
• Read a book, news article, etc.
• Take a risk, both calculated and non-calculated.
• Impromptu road trip to the mountains.
• Center your chakras
• Do something you wouldn’t normally do but were always interested in doing.
• Put your needs before those around you.
• If you’re in school focus more of your energy on your work and GPA.
• Go out less, stay in more.
• Say less, observe and do more
• Drink water
• Mind your business
• Find something/someone who motivates you.



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