Ready for the first stable release of Android 13 beta

Ready for the first stable release of Android 13 beta

Google is also releasing a new fast version that could debut with the Pixel Watch.

Android 13 is scheduled to be encoded, and after the pre-developer and then early beta releases, the next system version will reach the stable beta stage. To cause some confusion, the new version will be called Google Beta 3, followed in principle by a pre-release, and then the final Android 13 package may come.

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Basically a stable platform release is an important step for developers because it provides the final APIs for the new platform release. Android 13 is also making progress in terms of security and privacy, as well as native support for HDR videos or Bluetooth LE Audio. The public can get their hands on the new green robot robe sometime in early fall.

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Google is also working on another innovation that is likely independent of Android 13: Smart Lock, which is also used to store passwords and smart unlock, may soon be replaced by Smart Unlock, at least in the future. pixel clock In case if. This can give you more control over the security of your phone from the watch screen – for example, you can not only unlock the screen when the two devices are connected, but you can also lock your mobile phone from the watch. For a job in progress 9to5Google Through the forest of code, Google has also found targets for the Pixel Watch app, which may be independent of the WearOS app.

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