Szintet léphetnek a Razer termékei a haptikus visszajelzésekben kép

Razer products can rise in haptic feedback

The Razer hardware team is powered by a professional company.

In April, Razer was seriously shocked Died at the age of 82 The legendary co-founder of the US-Singaporean company that makes gamer peripherals, Robert Krakow, aka RazerGuy, who also co-designed the world’s first gaming mouse.

However, the life of the company continues even with the loss of the honorary president, and now an important deal indicates that in the future Razer wants to expand further into the field of haptic feedback. The company acquired Go Touch VR SAS Also known as Interhapticet, which develops haptic solutions for computers, consoles, mobile devices, and AR/VR devices.

Most people know Razer’s new creation of the Sense Glove, a VR glove, but the two companies have worked together several times, for example on the Nari Ultimate headset released in 2018, and in one of the main attractions of CES 2022, Enki Pro Hypersense On a rocking gaming chair. According to the deal, Razer will acquire 100% of Interhaptics, while the company will maintain its independent image, and its technology will be closely integrated into the new parent company’s ecosystem.

In terms of products, this means that in the future we can expect more and more advanced haptic feedback-enabled Razer peripherals, and who knows, maybe one day gamer wear will be presented as an April Fools’ joke, HyperSense Suite It can also come true.

“Interhaptics has pioneering expertise in haptic feedback, and its development platform will be used to expand the HyperSense ecosystem.”

Alvin Cheung, senior vice president of Razer’s hardware business, said of the deal. It is not known exactly how much this will cost the company, as financial details of the acquisition have not been announced.

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