Rarely do we protect a family member with a Ferrari failure

According to press reports, Kimi Reikknen’s godfather, Gino Rosato, leaked classified information to the Italian media.

Rosato worked for the 1991 Scuderia Ferrari (officially as PR director) until the end of the TV break, but left the team at the start of that season. The 51-year-old Canadian professional has worked with Michael Schumacher, Felipe Mass and Kimi Reckken in the company over the years – and has become so close to the Finn that he has become Robin Reckken’s godfather.

However, his departure from the team at the beginning of the summer was not without reason: he left Ferrari primarily because he did not agree with the policies pursued by the management. the Eurosport France That is why he also reported that according to their suspicions Rosato was (one of) the people who leaked Scuderia’s inside information to Italian Cheese.

the Cars and sports The magazine also mentioned that Rosato may not be the only one bringing secrets to the public.
Ferrari has a big problem. Someone leaks information, such as mränkk’s contract details. Enrico Cardell [technikai igazgat] Some employees broke their contract with cheese. We don’t want to go so far as to say it has a brick with Ferrari, however Someone or a group has their own Scuderin goals.


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