The Range Rover Wheeler will offer two new climate control services, and is the second youngest member of the Land Rover premium model series.

True luxury: always fresh air 1

One uses the CO2 sensor in addition to the currently available cabin air ionization and 2.5PM air purification systems: if the sensors indicate that the CO2 concentration in the air is too high, the system automatically allows fresh air to enter the cabin.

The other is the Purify cycle, which covers a timed change of indoor air: a function that can be programmed remotely or from the onboard touchscreen that refreshes indoor air at the exact time of departure.

True luxury: always fresh air 2

So, traveling would definitely be better in Velar, but what it will feel like when looking at it from the outside is no longer up to the designers. Range Rover also offers a range of SV Bespoke colors available for your compact RV, which means plenty of specialty shades, and they now work with a range of colours: they blend into any shade for an affordable surcharge and polish the customer’s car—beautiful or not.

True luxury: always fresh air 3

Our images show the Limited Edition Range Rover Yalar Orek Special Edition