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Ramona Lekay-Kiss made a shocking confession, but success changed her completely

Ramona Lekay-Kiss made a shocking confession, but success changed her completely

Ramona Lekay-Kiss was introduced to the country at a very young age. Then he played in the series that brought him national fame, more and more people contacted him, and more and more people wanted to be his friends. But popularity, like many young people, made him dizzy, and it was his parents who led him on the right path with enough rigor.

“There were times when I came home without saying hello to my parents. I dropped my things and left the house. That was the moment my parents grabbed me and made me sit.

I've had a great head wash.

However, I think – and I'm not excusing myself now – that when someone is successful, whether it's on screen or financially or commercially or anything else, we tend to let the horse run away with us a little bit.

We don't know what to do with the sudden success.

The only question is whether there are people in our environment, in family or in a group of friends, who bring us back to earth. I am grateful to my parents for the fact that this happened at that time, and I remained human,” admitted the presenter, who married handball player Mati Lekai in 2019, and who pulls her to the ground if necessary.

“But there is no need to be afraid that success will drive you crazy, or that I may not speak well with the people around me, or that I will have the air of a star. The other side is even dangerous.

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I compensate so much for being popular that I apologize twenty-eight times, let everyone get ahead of me, and end up getting a little lost in it.

“I have to coordinate myself from that point of view,” he said. For

Almost nothing has changed

In the past 22 years, Ramona Lekay-Kiss's hairstyle has changed only a few times, but she looks as youthful as she did when she first appeared on television.

“Maybe I sound a little immature. I think it's because I got into show business so early, that is, I quickly moved into the living rooms of people,” who were able to accompany me through my teenage years, and then my family. “I grew up and became a wife and then a mother,” he said.

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