Ramona Lekai Kiss brought back the twenties America, this editor

Ramona Lekai Kiss brought back the twenties America, this editor

The legendary host wowed her audience once again, the crew revealed themselves once again, the transformation is serious, and we really love it.

There are few things better than someone being a jury on a great production like Star in Star. While in the star I will be a star! A talent show, meanwhile, is a superstar.

This is why the show is so special, but just like in the amateur case, the contestants come out every week. The example of Krisztián Zámbó shows that no one can feel safe, because while he got the most votes in one week, after a week he got the least.

András Stohl is also in a difficult situation, and is considered one of the candidates, so everyone should donate 110%. This also applies to the jury, as Lékai-Kiss Ramóna also plays a role as one of the faces of TV2.

Andrea Keleti looks sexy, this look is tough

Like stars, he turns one by one and often remembers old age. He’s done that recently, plus the focus has been on the special twenties, which were especially powerful and memorable in America.

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