Rain causes catastrophic conditions in New Zealand

Authorities declared a state of emergency after at least 40 centimeters of rain fell in some places over the weekend and Monday. Authorities have warned that more heavy rain is expected until Monday night.

The military helped evacuate more than 50 people, including many who were moved to temporary housing by an NH-90 military helicopter during the night, according to MTI. In the wake of the 24.

Near Darfield, a man clinging to a tree tried to stay afloat in the flooded creek, the military said, but was swept away by prices. The helicopter crew searched the water for 30 minutes before finding and securing the man. The military helicopter also rescued an elderly couple from atop their car.

A civilian helicopter pilot rescued another man on Sunday after he was swept off his farm while trying to secure his livestock. The man drifted into the raging Ashburton River before he could climb the fence and then the tree. Another farmer noticed his headlight and organized a rescue.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will travel to the region on Monday to get first-hand knowledge of the situation.

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