Rachel’s Survival Guide: 8 Tips To Being Successful In College

College is stressful enough as it is, but if you set boundaries, have a plan, and stay true to yourself it can make the the ride smooth.

1. Know your degree plan

one of the best pieces of advice I can give about college is to look at your degree plan in totality not just when it’s time to register for classes. Read the course descriptions in the University course handbook, then find out who teaches what you want/have to take & go meet with them and find out which semesters those classes are offered. This tip keeps you on track with your degree plan and makes the experience better because you know what you’re walking into, you’re getting to choose what you want & don’t have to worry about getting put in the “leftovers” or random classes you don’t need and bonus point it your professors will see that you’re serious about taking that course.

2. Read your syllabus

This is your guide to not only just passing the class but doing exceptional. All syllabi have a uniform template that the University follows but filled in that template is an outline of what your professor expects of you to do. So take the time to look through each syllabi thoroughly, ask questions if need and if you wanna take it a step further map out all of your assignments and due dates for the the semester as you read through.

3. Get involved early

College is the best place to network, get your name out, and get a jumpstart on your career. So get involved in as much as you can early on so you know what organizations you do and don’t want to be apart of and can eventually work your way up to officer positions. If I could change one thing about my college experience it would definitely be getting more involved and breaking out of my shell sooner. Don’t get me wrong I was still involved but mainly only on things that pertained to my major, I never really got a chance to explore other organizations around campus and really experience a balanced and versatile extracurricular experience as I did in high school.

4. Manage your time

Now as you can already tell through my previous tips, college is a lot. Once you combine your classes, organizations and for some work & more time is the most valuable and important thing for a college student and it needs to be managed wisely. Find a way that helps you keep track of everything you have to do. Whether is be sticky notes, a planner, or alarms set up a system for success that works for you and always always always set aside some me time for yourself, because although college isn’t a game you need to still enjoy your experience and have all the fun you can.

5. Choose Friends Wisely

You’re going to be meeting lots of new people from all over the world and you need to do so with discretion. Have those key morals and values that you stand firm to and never alter yourself or deviate from who you are. Always be you cause somebody gone feel it, and those are the ones that are meant to stick around anyways.

6. Set Goals Everyday

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Every moment you’re breathing is a new opportunity to be great. One of the best pieces of advice my professor Mr. Kennebrew has ever given me was “When you wake up in the morning make a list of everything you want to accomplish that day and don’t agree to do anything else until you accomplish everything on that list.” It’s the little things that come together to make a masterpiece and goals are met day by day

7. Network & Use your resources !

I spoke on it a little bit earlier in tip number 3 and If you know me you know I’ve always been more on the shy side, but when I did begin to break out of my shell and seek new opportunities, I began to prosper from it. The more I spoke with faculty, professors, and students the more I learned about all Prairie View had to offer. Whether it be seminars, job fairs, scholarships, or various other events, trips, and career advancement opportunities or just simply just advice and help, I definitely was exposed to everything I needed or had the connection with somebody to get to what or where I needed. On the flip side, networking is a key tool to success in society and the main thing to remember when it comes to networking is always be genuine, precise, and mindful of the other persons time. People are here to help you if you simply just ask.

8. Enjoy the experience

Anything you do in life should never make you miserable or regretful. College is the time for learning, exploring and growing as a person and as a professional. So spend your time in undergrad living it out to its fullest potential. Take your time, plan ahead, and be serious about your time, but always always always enjoy the ride.

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Rachel is a 21 year old Management Major at Prairie View A&M University and aspires to one day own her own event planning company. Rachel has a passion for community involvement and uses blogging as an outlet to voice her opinions and inform the public about topics pertaining to religion, relationships, health, beauty, fitness, music, and other "trending topics" from an open and relatable perspective. She just recently started her own website called "Don't Forget The A", a blog and a brand that encourages individuality, confidence and healthy living as well as focusing on the importance of living to make a difference through giving back and leaving a legacy. She plans to earn her Masters in Public Administration to help her advance her career in community engagement and event planning.


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