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Raccoon City is waiting for a comeback, and we can only hope the movie cut isn’t like this

Raccoon City is waiting for a comeback, and we can only hope the movie cut isn't like this

Resident Evil games have proven to be excellent cinematic material, with six adaptations made since 2002, all starring Milla Jovovich and directed mostly by actress husband Paul W. S. Anderson. At the same time, these details were mostly focused on the actions, and as a result, the otherwise expressed elements of horror in the games were pushed into the background a little.

He is now trying to remove this glitch The Hive: Raccoon City awaits return, which will restart the entire franchise. Johannes Roberts, who directed (among other things) 47m of depth and continuity, clearly brought out the horror, at least so far all previews have been clipped together to make us feel that this adaptation will be markedly different from those so far. Charcoal just fired for 1 minute is no exception:

In fact, this is probably the “horror” of all so far, although it is not achieved by creating tension, but rather by quick cuts (or jump cuts) and sound effects. We’re sure the trailer’s brevity is why they turned to this solution and left time in the final movie to build up a scary scene.

Certainly the director’s intention is for us to pull ourselves together in cinemas, as he has stated several times before that he plans to make his film based on the story of the first two games “very, very scary”… for us until December 2, 2021 we have to wait to see if it’s This plan has been implemented…

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