Rábl Színpad celebrates its 20th anniversary with the entire season

– Because of the jubilee, we turned to the city and asked for a permanent stadium for the year at least, so we managed to get the Downtown Community House, the former Officers’ Club building. The building has been uninhabited for years, and the city has long since spent money on it. Viewers will see a completely cultured and well-rounded environment. You can try, but we’ll have to clean it up and use the curtains to transform the building a bit worn out right now,” Jeza Daily, director of the Rable Theatre, told baon.hu.

Géza Dely highlighted the advantage of the location, that in this building, since only the band is rehearsing, the group can remain in place, which is a great relief for them, since it takes several days of work to create the right group.

– From our point of view, the great advantage of the venue is that no one touches what we put there, we perform something as many times as we want, and we can finally rehearse in the place where we are going to perform, – said Geza Daily .

A utility fee is charged to the association, but the municipality does not charge a separate fee for the use of the building.

The group will continue to be built until the end of March, but they hope to start the season as early as April.

As the head of the band said, Rábl Színpad announces a chair promotion for this year in the community hall in the city center with the title “Let there be a place for us”. Donor names will also be listed. Their goal is to complement the existing chairs and to acquire the functional and decorative elements needed to fill the new space.

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Half of the chairs are already sold out, fortunately we have supporters.” There will also be chairs, an auditorium, a stage, and I think it will be a good venue. Except for two shows, we plan to hold all the shows in the community hall in the city center – Géza Dely in detail.

Among the season’s pieces, a selection of acts of all genres that feature the band were selected. There will be a live concert, a fairy play, a chamber drama, a comedy show, a dance show, and a poetry evening. Rábl Színpad awaits its audience with nine performances in seven genres.

– We hope that the actor and the viewer will find their way. In April, we start with the chamber play, which is a festival piece. We would love to take the play to many festivals, but we will also be showing it here in Baga. This is one of our biggest revamped offerings out of nine. In 2005 we staged the play Teremtés diskrét baja, which was a great success at the time, and now it is back on stage under the ruby ​​title, with a partly changed cast.

Valentin Bagzak remained the male character, and Kata Eber will now play the title role.

This is how we open the season, followed by the story game. Lázár Ervin said that we bring “Square round forest” stories to life for children.

In June, the season continues with a poetry evening, where only poems and their dramatic performances are presented.

They are preparing for summer with Könnyůzenei’s second outing, selecting and covering songs from Hungarian light music.

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– On warm and pleasant summer evenings, the public can enjoy live music on the lawn with a blanket and a glass of wine. We also plan to perform this performance at one of the summer festivals. In September, we’ll be doing an adaptation of the Danish film Adam’s Apples, followed by a classic drama, so we’ll get ready with seven types. This is served by high school students, keeping the student stage streak alive. Joseph Farkas’ work The Víg Street Guys will be featured. This will be a good mood drama game. The director said that in October, audiences will be able to see a new dance play from us, the contemporary dance play Antigoni.

In November and December, the company performs two large-scale shows. The play From Back Again, where they weave their own events, jokes, and things that happened in twenty years into the story of an original play. And in December, they ended the year with a performance of the best of Muzsikus. Existing members of Rábl Színpad will be among the cast, but old performers are also expected to attend the various performances.

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