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Rabbids: Party of Legends Quiz - Review/Test

Rabbids: Party of Legends Quiz – Review/Test

Description / Test

We’ve got another set of bunny bunnies, this time with a Far Eastern theme.

01.08.2022 22:45 | Author: Dino | Description / Test

Rabbids: Party of Legends Quiz It’s been more than 15 years since mad rabbits arrived in our world – more precisely, in the world of video games. The Raving Rabbids series began as part of the Rayman series, as a small game group in late 2006. Rayman Raving Rapidswhose sequels were not left behind, and silly rabbits have since appeared in many other works, such as Mario + Rapids Kingdom Battle Its a crossover tactical adventure game. Now, however, the party game starring those is back again.

Rapids: Legends Party Quiz

The Rapids: Party of Legends It is undeniable that it is the work of the Chinese studio Ubisoft, because the story mode (because there is a story) is Western Journey Entitled, xvi. It deals with a Chinese novel from the nineteenth century – of course, in a satirical way. In turn, the audience’s clothing also evokes the Far Eastern world. There are 22 of them in the initial selection, but this can be increased to 45 during the game. Returning to the story, it is worth knowing briefly that the rabbits fall into the world of the aforementioned novel directly by the time travel washer, and to make up for their crime they have to collect a bunch of books. And for this, you have to win as many games as possible, because there are more of them in the higher order. (Sometimes we can also get books in other ways, but more on that later.)

There are a total of 50 mini-games in the program, but initially only part of them are available, and the rest can be solved in the story mode. This can be annoying for those who prefer to just enjoy the different little things one by one and are not interested in the story. However, these mini-games don’t show a lot of new stuff, almost all of them have been seen in previous Raving Rabbids episodes (like when rabbits have to balance piles of dishes as waiters) or in other similar acts like overheatingor even by a buzz! junior Toys. There are places where you have to stay on a platform as long as possible while you can push others, and in other places you have to hit a tree, but only until a character appears, or you have to move the analog stick in the opposite direction to the boards that appear – but you have to be careful, Because one of the characters always shows the opposite of what we should do.

Rapids: Legends Party Quiz

The parts with the rhythm games were a lot of fun, but when the wheel of fortune appeared, it felt completely unnecessary (it’s true that it’s independent of the mini-games, but you can’t skip it in the story). In this case, we have to choose among three options, each of which has a different chance of winning or losing a book (or the quantity does not change) – there is nothing skilled in it, and it is blind luck that decides our fate.

The Rapids: Party of LegendsFour people can play it at the same time (but if we want to play it alone, no problem, the game gives us AI-controlled bunnies), but that only means local play, because no online option is included in the program. And while party games are usually picked up during the party, these days I think the lack of an online option is more painful than forgiving.

Rapids: Legends Party Quiz

Those who loved Raving Rabbids episodes can now control their crazy pets in another party game after a long time. The Rapids: Party of Legends It can be fun, but it’s not really worth looking for something new. Another set of mini games, with minor flaws, but with crazier bunnies. ■


Rapids: Party of Legends

Rapids: Party of Legends

  • Silly bunnies are back
  • There are some fun mini games


  • We didn’t get much news
  • Not all mini-games are available immediately

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