R.  Floating World Cup: Szabó Sebastian's Seventh Fast 50

R. Floating World Cup: Szabó Sebastian’s Seventh Fast 50

Szabó Szebasztián quickly finished seventh on Sunday at the World Short Course Swimming Championships in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

Szabo Sebastian finished seventh in 50th place (Photo: AFP)


Szabó Szebasttián He started better, moved in the lead in the first length, slipped backwards in the second, and finally finished seventh in 21.26 seconds.

Shortly before the final, Szabó also jumped into the group in the 50-butterfly semi-finals, finishing first in the race and reaching Monday’s final with a best time (22.11 seconds).

“Now I have to say it worked because of the pill? Szabó started his appraisal on Sebastian. – I’m not saying that because I don’t feel like I have to swim down, that too, and it was just a little bit in my head under the butterfly that I still had fifty fasts. In fact, the 20.7 I won in Kazan might not have been in me right now. 20.45 definitely wasn’t what Proud won, but I felt like it was all over now. I know I came on 21.06 yesterday in the semi-finals, but very little depends on 20.9 or 21 or 21.1, maybe 21.2. Now I think I have a better chance at the pedestal, and time has shown that.”

World Championships for the short course Abu Desby

50 m fast
1. Benjamin Proud (Great Britain) 20.45sec
2. Ryan Heald (USA) 20.70
3 – Joshua Lindo Edwards (Canada) 20.76
… 7. Sebastia Sazab 21.26.2007

4x50m quick change
1. Italy (Leonardo Diplano, Lorenzo Zazzeri, Manuel Friggo, Alessandro Merisi) 1: 23.61 min
2. Russian Swimming Federation (Andrei Minakov, Vladimir Morozov, Vladimir Grinev, Alexander Shigolev) 1:23.75
3 – Hollandia (Jesse Potts, Stan Beigning, Kenzo Simmons, Tom de Boer) 1:23.78

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100 m mixed
1. Kliment Koleshnikov (Russian Swimming Federation) 51.09sec
2 – Tomoe Hvas (Norway) 51.35
3 – Thomas Ciccone (Italy) 51.40

50 pm noon
1. Kliment Kolishnikov (Russian Swimming Federation) 22.66 seconds
2. Christian Diener (Germany) and Lorenzo Mora (Italy) 22.90-22.90

4x200m quick change
1. United States (Kieran Smith, Julian Trenton, Caron Foster, Ryan Heald) 6:47.00 min
2. Russian Swimming Federation (Vladimir Grinev, Alexander Shegolivol, Mikhail Vykovichev, Ivan Zhirov) 6:49.12
3. Brasilia (Fernando Scheffer, Murillo Seten Sartori, Perino Correa) 6:49.60

50 m butterfly

1. Ranomy Kromwedjojo (Netherlands) 24.44 seconds
2 – Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) 24.51
3 – Claire Kerzan (USA) 24.55

100 m mixed
1. Anastasia Gorbenko (Israel) 57.80 seconds
2 – Beryl Gastaldello (France) 57.96
3. Maria Kameneva (Russian Swimming Federation) 58.15

at 400 m

1. Li Bingzhi (China) 3: 55.83 minutes
2. Summer McIntosh (Canada) 3: 57.87
3. Siobhan Bernadette Hauhey (Hong Kong) 3: 58.12

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