R.  Floating World Cup: Jacob closed in sixth place on 200 butterflies

R. Floating World Cup: Jacob closed in sixth place on 200 butterflies

Zsuzsanna Jakabos finished sixth in the 200 butterfly race on day two of the Abu Dhabi World Short Track Championships.

Jacobos finished sixth on the 200 butterflies (Photo: Karoly Orvay)


Jiyer’s rider finished the final with a sixth-best time (2:06.41) of the morning lead, he said, until he surprised himself, as the field was very strong, including Olympic champion Chiang Yu, who hit five.

At the European Championships in Kazakhstan in November, Jacob, who finished seventh in the 400m mixed and is a member of the 4x100m sprint relay, finished sixth in the final with a time of 2:06.82 in the final, with Cusinato.

The figure was won by the Chinese Olympic champion with a great advantage.

“After the Olympics, I was with him to try this fall anyway, sacrificed, say, to go on vacation and get ahead with his teeth, since we’ve put a huge amount of work into it since February. In Tokyo, I just started to change quickly, though The goal was for me to swim two hundred butterflies there, which is why we weren’t really prepared for that mix.” He said Yacoub to MTI, adding that, overall, he’s very happy to have been able to swim in the final in his three tracks so far.

He also pointed out the big fact that in the fall he had to endure the pressure associated with continuing his role in the International Swimming League (ISL) and the World Cup, as well as frequent travel for two to three days.

World Championships for the short course Abu Desby
The podium finishes on Friday

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100 songs

1. Shane Casas (USA) 49.23sec
2. Kliment Kolishnikov (Russian National Team) 49.96
3 – Robert Glenta (Romania) 49.60

100 m mall
1. Ilya Semymanov (Belarus) 55.70 seconds
2 – Niccol Martini (Italy) 55.80
3 – Nick Fink (USA) 55.87

200m fast
1. Hfang Sunfu (South Korea) 1: 41.60
2. Alexander Shugolev (Russian national team) 1: 41.63
3. Today Rapsys (Lithuania) 1: 41.73

4 x 50m mixed gear

1. Sweden (Louise Hanson, Sophie Hanson, Sarah Sjostrom, Michelle Coleman) 1: 42.38 min – world record-setting
2. United States (Ryan White, Lydia Jacoby, Claire Kerzan, Abby Wetzel) 1:43.61
3. Hollandia (Kira Toussaint, Kim Busch, Maaike de Waard, Ranomi Kromowidjojo) 1:44.03

200 m butterfly
1. Xiang Yu-Head (China) 2: 03.01 min
2. Charlotte Hawke (USA) 2:45
3 – Lana Podar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2: 04.88


50 m ml
1. Anastasia Gorbenko (Israel) 29.34 seconds
2. Benedetta Pellato (Italy) 29.50
3 – Sophie Hanson (Sweden) 29.55

100 meters back
1. Louise Hanson (Sweden) 55.20sec
2 – Kylie Maas (Canada) 55.22
3 – Catherine Berkoff (USA) 55.40

4x50m mixed gearbox
1. Canada (Joshua Lindo Edwards, Yuri Kessel, Kayla Sanchez, Margaret McNeill) 1: 28.55 min
2. Hollandia (Jesse Potts, Thom de Boer, Ranomy Kromwidjogo, Kira Toussaint) 1:28.61
3. Russian national team (Vladimir Morozov, Andrei Minakov, Maria Kameneva, Arina Surkova) 1: 28.97

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