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R. Fast-paced: Liu Shawang, 500m World Champion!

R.  Fast-paced: Liu Shawang, 500m World Champion!

Liu Shaoang won the 500m World Speed ​​Skating Championships on a short track in Dordrecht.

Liu Shawang at the World Cup in Dordrecht (Photo: HUNSKATE Media)


Fantastically younger Leo ran in the shortest time after an unfortunate final of 1500 (knocked out the finals), as evidenced by the fact that he was able to start from every position in the 500 finals – thanks to his best time in the semi-finals. -finals.

Then he got off to a great start in the final and was able to maintain his supremacy throughout.

Liu Shaoang is the second world champion in the Hungarian short track – his brother Shaolin won his first title at the World Championships, as well as at the 2016 World Championships in Seoul at a distance of 500 meters.

Mini interview – kos Bánhidi, national team coach and manager
– What did this boy do on the ice ?!
– And what did you do before the vibe …? Shaoang felt a double coronavirus infection for a long time, I can say he’s been under his control after the European Championships, where the classics can sometimes be questionable – we even talked to him before the vebe. He really likes words, he stores what he says where he needs it. Any competitor with this ability can precisely position himself on the field, so he has been on the ice from day one. And in vain it fell at five hundred and five hundred, and could not be stopped at five hundred yards. It is my firm belief that we would be happy with two medals now if the ice didn’t break out under Shaolin in the 500 semi-finals – I’m so sorry that this happened to him. But he is able to quickly overcome this: his qualities enable him to do the same.
– Obviously, it could have gone smoothly in the last month.
“And besides the gold medal, that’s the most important thing: They’re great feedback for us.” Once again, it has been shown that if we can get down to business, he will be back on the ice, too. I am improving myself because there is another very important thing, which is 4:07 for the ladies to follow, and even though they didn’t make it to the finals, they surprised everyone – me too. After the European Championships, they got a good wash, but they also washed their heads and started working differently. I knew it could improve with seizures, but to what extent and so on? It’s a small shift, and while we still have a lot of work to do, we now see not only light at the end of the tunnel, but the sun shining directly on our faces.
Was the men’s relay final in paper form?
– Yeah. We couldn’t rest the two Luts because we didn’t want to take any risks, Krueger John-Henry was sure to run alongside them, and he was also an excellent short track, having flashed his class multiple times in the semi-finals. On Sunday, Chapa Bergan will definitely be our fourth man – on Saturday we voted for Alex Farnich.
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The male transmission has been specified

Hungary men’s Olympic relay has reached the final. The four Alexander Liu Shaolin, Liu Shawang, John Henry Krueger, and Alex Farnew Chapa Bergan, the pentathlon, was disqualified this time, as were the Liu brothers. At the start of the 5,000-meter race, mostly behind the Dutch and French, but ahead of the Kazakhs in third place, the Hungarian quad, which came 16 seconds before their finish, fell to second place. From here, the Dutch and Hungarian quartets rose from their pace so much that the French and then the Kazakh versions were cut short, meaning we reached Sunday’s finals with confidence behind the Dutch.

a Petra Jászapáti, Zsófia Kónya, Luca Bácskai Luca, Rebecca Sziliczei-Német The women’s relay followed in the footsteps of the most likely Dutch and Italians in the semi-finals of the 3000m race, but failed to overtake either of them, reaching third place in the semi-finals. The fourth member of the race, the American all-wheel drive, was lagging far behind the last.

World Championships, DORDRECHT
Men. 500 meters. World Champion: Liu Shaoang (Hungary, Club: FTC, Coach: Csang Csing Lina, Bánhidi Ákos) 40.524,
2 – Simeon Yelstratov (Russia) 40603, 3. Pietro Siegel (Italy) 673 40, 8. Liu Shaolin Sandor (Hungary)
1500 meters. Vb: Charles Hamelin (Canada) 2: 18.143,
2. Itzak De Lat (Netherlands) 2: 18.202, 3. Simgon Yelstratov (Russian Team) 2: 18.296, 4 – Liu Shaolin Sandor 2: 18.437, … 7. Liu Shauang 3: 06.287. Complex competition case (after two spaces): 1 – Charles Hamlin Bridge 36, 2. Liu Shawang 36, 3. Gelistratov 34, … 6. Liu Shaolin Sandor 8. a woman. 500 meters. Vb: Susan Schulting (Netherlands) 42661 2 – Ariana Fontana (Italy) 719 42, 3. Selma Botsma (Netherlands) 850 42, … 12. Zofia Konya (Hungary), 13. Petra Jaszapati (Hungary). 1500 meters. Vb: Susan Schulting 2: 36.884, 2 – Courtney Sarrault (Canada) 2: 37.089, 3. Cassandra Felsibauer (Netherlands) 2: 37.109, … 11. Petra Jászapáti. Complex competition case (after two spaces): 1 – Susan Schulting 68, 2. Fontana 26, 3. Sarrault (Canada) 24, … 12. Jászapáti

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