Queen Camilla kept her style clean, but dressed more confidently: Diana’s favorite designer helped her with this

Although it seems that it has not changed much in the style of Queen Camilla, these days she is more aware and confident in the variety of bright colors and elegant and sophisticated styles that suit her figure.


Queen Camilla’s attire has always been characterized by respect for tradition. She has never worn anything that deviates even the slightest from the classic style of formal elegance. Her appearance usually reflects restraint and moderate elegance.

There wasn’t much change in Solid’s outfit, but the more I noticed that after she became Carole’s wife, a few years later, more modern versions of the clean pieces she loved came into Camilla’s wardrobe.

According to the Daily Mail online article, this is mainly due to the fact that the great British master of haute couture, Bruce Oldfield, has made clothes for her on many occasions. old field Princess Diana One He was her favorite fashion designer Once upon a time, not many people took kindly to the fact that Queen Camilla asked him to design her clothes for the month of May for the coronation ceremony.

He is 75 years old british queen However, he was guided by simple reasons in his decision, including the fact that for ten years now their tastes have converged with the British designer, who often supplies him with occasional pieces, and moreover, they have been good friends for a long time who already understand each other in half words . Bruce Oldfield said he has made Camilla confident over the years.

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Queen Camilla’s elegant style

Queen Camilla is not a fan of arrogance, He wears simple striped clothes, which are always appropriate for the specific occasion. Experimentation has always eluded her, but she felt it necessary to be more aware and confident in her choices regarding patterns and colors.

Oldfield helped her a lot in this, and although she did not always wear the clothes of her dreams, she saw a kind of direction in the elegant creations that were made for her. We found that she no longer only wears off-duty clothes, but has found her own line, following the line of sophisticated and delicate elegance.

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