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Qualifying was just one stop, the goal of Pétervári-Molnár

Qualifying was just one stop, the goal of Pétervári-Molnár

After smaller and bigger ups and downs, Bendegúz Pétervári-Molnár can prepare for his second Olympiad, which he is delighted if he is able to push his limits – his goal is to reach the finals in Tokyo.


Petervari-Molnar Bendijos has been flooded several times in the past two years, but has always found a way out: the Olympic class is the fruit of the work (Photos: Pallint Kzuch / Hungarian Rowing Federation)

What’s the best thing about kayaking?
He said, “As an athlete, being able to cross my limits every day” Petervari – Molnar Bendigo, Who in one spouse obtained the right to leave Tokyo. “Believe it or not, I love intense workouts, if my body could handle it, I would just do it. It might be weird from the rower’s mouth, but I find it hard to put up with the monotony, of course I have to put up with that too. And then. It’s also nice to be close to nature, to get to the beautiful places I really enjoy.

I think the most beautiful place right now is Varese, where he fought for the right to start the Olympics for the second time …
– I’m so glad you did. Right after the race, we packed up and headed home, and I thought it’d be a lot better to make the ten hour trip without it.

It was hard?
– very much. After Rio, I’ve had some ups and downs, which got bigger in 2019 – that year was a disaster in all respects. We tried the training method which came on the one hand because I gained good basic endurance and on the other hand did not strengthen intense stamina so it appeared in competitions.

Did you turn your mind to stop?
– Meg. I didn’t get a share in the world championships, even I was so iron deficient that my head hurt every day, and it just didn’t make sense to keep racing. Then I asked myself the question: How do I continue? Then I stayed with myself because I love paddling, but if I continue, I want to do it right. That was enough for this transformation. I started training more and more with the Germans and Croats, and they also helped me find the path to success to try out what works.

Peter Molnar Pendeguez

and what is that?
“This was the way we used to rowing in the morning and in the afternoon, training one at a time, and that was it. Now we only paddle once a day – often early in the morning or in the morning – and do bike exercises or weight lifting at some point. Afternoon There are days when we don’t row at all, we cycle longer.

Did you enjoy the one-year delay?
– Yes and no. Earlier last year we found the right proportions in training, thanks to which the boat was really under my command, I won the picker and everything seemed to be going fine. In comparison, they canceled first the qualifying competitions, then slowly, canceled the other competition, and finally they postponed the Olympics, causing me a huge loss of motivation. I was comfortable, there was no yardstick to measure myself, there were no tense situations that would train my mind, so I couldn’t get myself together in the European Championships. There I got into a hole again that I had to climb from, but I learned a lot from it too – and from the period since.

I read that he was infected with the Coronavirus.
– Yeah. My sense of smell disappeared, I felt strange for two or three days, and I had a fever for half a day. I thought I had gotten rid of it so much, compared to that, I was in such a state of physique that I had difficulty walking as well: After a few hundred meters of walking, I had a heart rate of one hundred and twenty, and when I finally managed to start running, I left All stroller moms. I fell ill in October, and by mid-January I had struggled to get back to where I started. Just in time because it was the one gathering in mid-February. We “pulled” a lot of tracks for several days, but later that was very helpful in the Olympic qualifiers, as we disrupted the semi-finals and the final within two hours due to bad weather. I wanted to win the latter, but before the start I felt realistically that I wasn’t in a position to defeat the Greeks and Russians, but I was confident that I could still beat my three competitors anyway. So it was. I’ll buy a Greek revenge next time.

Now you can start preparing for the Olympics.
– It is already happening. We planned everything in advance because we were counting on him to get the stake. We have built our strategy, we can only make good use of the remaining international competitions. I traveled to Rio with all my mental energy in the qualifying race, but now the qualifiers were just a stop, the real goal being the Olympics. Participating in the Olympics would be an advantage, my goal is to reach the finals, and whatever could happen there.

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