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Quake II remaster released

Quake II remaster released

The surprise announcement of the day came from Bethesda, which excited the spirits of today’s early FPS gamers with its 1997 re-release of Quake II.

Quake II is available on Game Pass, Xbox One and Series, Switch, PC and PS4/PS5.

The trailer can be viewed in the launcher below.

The pack also includes the Reckoning and Ground Zero mission pack (33 levels total and 21 deathmatch maps), plus machine call The add-on, which is new content for the game from MachineGames.

Quake II co-op and head-to-head games are equipped with cross-play. In addition, the post contains 64- Masoud The game too! Unfortunately, there was no mention of ray tracing lighting this time around, despite the fact that this option was already included in the original game.

Additional renewal additions:

  • Up to 4K resolution and widescreen aspect ratio support
  • advanced models
  • Enemy animations and bloody stories have been improved
  • Improved and fixed AI behaviors
  • Advanced video detail, dynamic lighting, color, and depth-of-field refinement
  • The original heavy rock soundtrack from Sonic Mayhem and more
  • Online multiplayer and cooperative game support
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