Putin's party stands in Moscow, half tattoos spread in the countryside

Putin’s party stands in Moscow, half tattoos spread in the countryside

No member of the Russian girl duo of the 2000s is sure enough to stop the decline.

Among residents of the Russian capital, the desire to vote for the ruling United Russia party has fallen to 15 percent in the past two years. To be sure, for party voters, the rate is 28 percent, according to a survey published by the Yuri Levada Center for Independent Analysis on Monday.

MTI is rumored to say that according to Levada, it is worth considering the chances of elections – the lower house of parliament in Russia will be elected on September 19 – based on the opinion of the elected commissioner. Of those in Moscow, 28 percent will vote for United Russia and 19 percent for a party led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a liberal democrat but in reality a conservative and nationalist party. The Communists would get 12 percent, only Russia, which claims to be a socialist democracy, would get 11 percent, and liberal Gabloku would get 8 percent.

A setback in the leading parties, Tolstoy and Navalny are the most popular

Among the general population, the desire to vote for a united Russia has decreased from 25 to 15 percent over the past two years. The popularity of the Communists of 12 percent, measured in April 2019, fell to 6 percent. The camp of the liberal democrats and Just Russia remained virtually unchanged. Only Gabloku’s support grew.

The most supportive of the politicians Piotr Tolstoy (United Russia) and three opponents, Alexzig Navalnig, Lyubov Zobol And the Ilga Jasin Enjoy. Meanwhile, Navalny, who is serving his prison sentence, is in first place in terms of refusal.

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To be sure, 21 percent of metropolitan residents will go to the polls, and another 17 percent tend to vote. 20% will definitely not appear at the polls, and 17% tend to turn away. The survey also revealed that 56 percent of Muscovites do not know when the parliamentary elections will be held.

Here are tattoos

a 444 Notice in Russian reality that the Russian pop duo, a member of tatto, exploded in the early 2000s. Julia Volkova Meanwhile, in the colors of United Russia, he will run in Ivanovo. Alexander Kenev Political analyst to me He wants to make the electoral carnival outside the elections with such nominations, and to divert attention from, among other things, Alexei Navalny’s imprisonment.

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