Putin will send American soldiers from Hungary

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had previously condemned Russia’s similar demands and insisted that Moscow “has no veto” over whether Ukraine or any other sovereign country should join the alliance.

A senior Biden administration official told reporters Friday that the United States was ready to discuss Russia’s proposals with its allies, but stressed that “there are things in these documents that the Russians know are unacceptable.”

A senior government official said the United States would return to Russia with a “more specific proposal” as it consults with its allies.

The US official stressed that no new agreements on European security would be reached “without Europeans in the room.”

The United States and its European allies warn Russia that it will have serious consequences for a possible invasion, but have indicated that they are open to talks with Moscow to de-escalate the conflict, which is expected to have a devastating effect.

According to experts Russia claims Exaggerated, unlikely to be accepted. The Kremlin expects the following legal obligations from the United States and NATO:

  • He rejected NATO’s eastward expansion.
  • There should be no military cooperation with the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia.
  • The United States may not establish military bases on the territory of non-NATO members of the former Soviet Union, nor may it engage in bilateral military cooperation with them or use their military infrastructure.
  • Withdrawal of troops to NATO positions in 1997 before the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia joined NATO in your body.
  • He rejected heavy bombers, surface warships, and medium and short-range missiles outside of NATO.
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a Bloomberg Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters at a news conference on Friday that he handed over the proposals to the United States on Wednesday and to NATO countries on Thursday.

Our position is that we need to remove all of this and go back to the case of 1997. Which is too much

Ryabkov confirmed.

Vladimir Frolov, a Moscow foreign policy analyst and former Russian diplomat, said the Russian draft treaty was “not serious diplomacy.” Frolov believed that the proposals were made with the intention of rejecting them.

The United States and other NATO allies have increased their military presence and activities on the alliance’s “eastern flank” since the previous Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014, and the Biden government warned that it would only increase if Russia launched an offensive again.

While more than 100,000 Russian troops are stationed on the Ukraine-Russia border, the Ukrainian government is pressing hard for more military assistance and preventive sanctions against the United States to deter the Vladimir Putin-led country from invasion.

An adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Axios that the United States had not yet complied with its request in November for defensive military assistance, perhaps fearing that it would provoke Russia. The senior US official did not respond to the new request, but stressed that the United States has provided more than $450 million in defense aid to Ukraine this year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia had nowhere to stand behind the stalemate with the United States over Ukraine, and would have to take tough measures if the West did not stop its aggressive policy, the report said. Reuters.

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What the United States is doing in Ukraine is on our doorstep. And they have to understand that we have nowhere to turn back. Do they think we’ll watch idle?

Aggravated in front of military leaders Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin Lord recently stressed that Russia needs security guarantees that are not verbal but legal, but that the United States cannot be trusted.

Cover image source: Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images

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