Putin may cross Ukraine's borders, but then the US will intervene, warns the US Secretary of State

Putin may cross Ukraine’s borders, but then the US will intervene, warns the US Secretary of State

US President Joe Biden has repeatedly stated that he will not deploy US forces to Ukraine. However, the US Secretary of State considered it important to note that if the Russians went further and attacked a NATO member country, they would interfere – readable on the gate.

In an interview with ABC, Anthony Blinken spoke about Putin’s attempt to overthrow the Ukrainian government. When asked whether the Russians were also attacking areas outside Ukraine, he replied: “It is possible, but something stands in the way of that, and this is none other than Article 5 of NATO, which states that ‘A member of NATO attacks all members of NATO.'”

“The president has made it clear that we will protect every square inch of NATO territory,” he assured NATO members. “We will protect our NATO allies if that happens. But now it’s more. to Ukraine We are focused and trying to prevent President Putin from going any further. Right now, it really looks like he needs what he can achieve.”

Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but the Baltic states – Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania – as well as Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

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