Puebla, Monaco, New York - This year's competition is complete

Puebla, Monaco, New York – This year’s competition is complete

Formula E, jointly with the International Automobile Federation (FIA), has announced the complete 2020-2021 race calendar. The field could also visit a new site in Mexico after Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez continued to operate as a temporary hospital due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The Formula E field has already surpassed four races, but so far the 2020-2021 racing calendar has not been complete, which had to be revised several times in the wake of the raging coronavirus epidemic. However, the announcement was made ahead of the doubling of Valencia this weekend, and the troops turned out to be after Spain Monaco They take direction, followed by a new lead They are inhabited Organize two competitions.

The new Mexican race venue was needed because Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, which has hosted five Formula E races so far, is still operating as a temporary hospital due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The race will be followed on June 19 and 20 by both New York and London, and the race will double as well, while the record-breaking 15-race race will conclude on August 15 in Berlin.

Morocco, as well as Chile, which is still included in the originally announced race calendar, were unable to participate in the race due to the epidemiological situation, and these two sites will return in the next call.

Competitions, winners of the FORMULA E 2021 competition

The World Series leads in 4 races: 1. Sam Bird (UK, Jaguar) 43 points, 2. Mitch Evans (New Zealand, Jaguar) 39, 3. Robin Friens (Dutch, Virgin) 34, 4. Stoffel Vandoorn (Belgian, Mercedes) 33, 5. Nick de Vries (Dutch, Mercedes) 32, 6 Pa Whirlin 32

pole win over
February 26-27 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

De Vries De Vries
Frigans a bird
April 10-11 Rome, Italy

Vandoorne Virgin
Cassidy Vandoorne
24-25 April Valencia, Spain
May 8 Monte Carlo, Monaco
June 19-20 Puebla, Mexico
July 10-11 New York, USA
July 24-25 London, UK
August 14-15 Berlin Germany

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