Public Education: Quarantine will not be mandatory for US students even if they come into contact with infected people

Public Education: Quarantine will not be mandatory for US students even if they come into contact with infected people

In the United States, there will be no mandatory quarantine for students in the soon-to-be school year, even if they have been in contact with someone infected with the coronavirus, according to an updated recommendation of the US Center for Epidemiology (CDC) on Friday.

In the future, the agency will continue to recommend voluntary quarantine only for certain high-risk institutions, should a pandemic emerge. Prisons, nursing homes, and homeless shelters are considered high-risk, but schools do not fall into this category.

Under the new recommendation, for high exposure, asymptomatic students and school staff should wear a mask in the community for 10 days and be tested on the fifth day after suspicion arose.

Greta Massetti, chief epidemiologist at the Center for Epidemiology, told reporters that the current conditions for the epidemic are very different from those of the past two years. The specialist drew attention to the fact that “a significant degree of immunity has developed in the population thanks to vaccinations, previous infections and other means” that help protect the general population and those belonging to risk groups. The epidemiologist said these conditions allow health authorities to focus on preventing future serious diseases caused by the coronavirus.

Greta Massetti said that, according to current data, about 95 percent of the US population has a “some degree” of immunity to the coronavirus. Health experts who spoke out following the new recommendations said the updated recommendation for schools reflects recognition that the best place for children is in the school classroom, and that this can be done with an acceptable level of risk. In an NBC compilation, pediatrician Richard Besser noted that community is important to children, and that it is essential to their social and emotional development, physical and mental health, and academic advancement.

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According to the latest data available on the website of the American Center for Epidemiology, 130,945 new cases of coronavirus were recorded on August 10. There was a day in mid-July when that number rose to over 180,000. The number of positive cases peaked at the beginning of January this year, when it hovered between 700,000 and 800,000 for several days. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 924,26945 positive cases have been found, and the number of deaths has exceeded one million.

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