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Public Education: According to the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the shortage of teachers is so severe that it will turn into a catastrophe in a few years

Public Education: According to the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the shortage of teachers is so severe that it will turn into a catastrophe in a few years

In addition, Tamas Freund told about all this to the press close to the government.

The Chairman of the Presidential Commission on Public Education, Professor Ben Csapo, is regularly invited to meetings of the Secretary of State for Public Education, although he cannot report specific results in this regard – this is what the government has been talking about. for Mandarin In his interview, Tamas Freund, re-elected president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA). He said in public education: There is a crisis because the teaching profession has lost its prestige and financial value.

“There is less and less motivation for someone to choose this otherwise beautiful and important profession. The situation is particularly critical in the field of natural sciences. Retired teachers are being called up again, but they cannot be relied upon indefinitely. There is such a serious shortage of staff that if it continues Like this for a few years, it will be a disaster. This will not reform the Hungarian education system for a year or two, but generations will be in danger.”

He told the newspaper. He also noted that students often entered higher education by having to teach them high school subject in the first year. In the interview, he also said that in the spirit of opening up to young people, they want to introduce high school students to scientific thinking, and as part of this, their first national academic competition was recently concluded.

He sees one of the problems in the fact that “pedagogy and research methodology have been neglected, and this type of research has almost died out,” although attention is paid to this, students usually do better on PISA tests, for example. He added: Now they are trying to renew that and get it back on its feet. Based on his story, he liked the program his predecessor started at the time so much that he doubled his budget. But, according to him, it is probably more important to have someone who is ready and wants to be a teacher, so that teachers’ salaries should be at least “80 percent of the average intellectual salary.” (This is what the government has hinted at several times, but it has made it dependent on EU funds, repeating the announcement of the Ministry of the Interior on this Teacher’s Day).

Tamas Freund said of the research nets taken from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: “The new structure seems to have been consolidated. I would have tried to restore the research net while the situation was still fluid, but it is increasingly clear that the government’s decision is final.” He also spoke of the fact that the Academy should be compensated for the estates that formerly belonged to them, but not with other properties. He also stated that we lagged behind in internationally useful innovations, although “it is not the Hungarian intellectual resources and talents that have dried up in the meantime, but our management of them is insufficient”. Therefore, he sees that although the government wants to fix it, that is, the first point in the chain, the problem is already moving forward, because small and medium-sized companies dare not open up.

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